Impulse gives out dope prizes for answering questions.

We created the Instagram/Facebook ad on the right to acquire new users. Five versions were launched to test potential beachhead markets. In addition, we A/B tested the header, so two versions were running concurrently. We quickly gained a 300+ users from our campaigns and found a beachhead market. 

The screenshot on the far right is one of the App Store updates I wrote. Our tone was very unique and I spent a great deal of time  crafting it.

Blu Plate & Jazz:

Blu Plate & Jazz is an entertainment destination to enjoy live jazz and munch on Southern fare with an Akron flair.

My group and I were tasked with creating a year-long marketing campaign for our capstone project. 

We conducted many forms of research, like a focus group, rorschach test, informational interviews, and an eye-tracking study.

The images on the right is the heat map of their old home page. I redesigned it based on the eye-tracking study and qualitative feedback from participants. 

With this information we brainstormed creative ideas to increase brand awareness, bolster their digital footprint, and bring in more customers, 

We won the competition and Blu implemented some of our ideas. See our full presentation below! 


Through the Taylor Institute at The University of Akron, I hosted "Alex's App Review". On this series, I found popular mobile apps to discuss and review. I covered Duolingo, Slack, The Moron Test, and many other apps.

My good friend Michael Adams and I filmed a short commercial for Tiny Circuits. I choreographed the video and gave an Academy worthy acting performance.

My friends at Monsters Unlimited joined me and 3 other students to taste the new Coke flavors. Despite not enjoying soda, I was in for a surprise treat. What's your favorite flavor of "Millennial" coke?

Western Europe '19

I love traveling. After backpacking Western Europe in the summer of 2019, I threw together a video of my favorite moments in each of the cities we visited.

For the Marcus Graham Project, my team was tasked with creating a marketing campaign for Goodyear & the Cleveland Cavaliers. I wrote the copy and was the voice over for the amazing video Travis put together. 

Each year, the pumpkin spice craze takes over the world. Instead of a drink from Starbucks, we try strange things like pumpkin spiced chips and pumpkin mints. 

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