Hi, my name is Alex.

I'm a digital storyteller & marketer. ​I help brands share their stories over the internet. 

Who am I?

In my 10th grade marketing class, I was tasked with creating a window display out of a shoebox. I loved being able to use my creativity to solve a problem. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be a marketer. 

Over the years, I've learned how to share stories jam-packed with emotion and data. Two unlikely friends. From year-long marketing campaigns to go-to-market plans, I create stories worth sharing. ​

My passion to learn has allowed me to grow and expand my horizons. Whether it's a new technology or history subject, I thrive on exploring the unknowns.

I love sports (especially soccer), traveling, reading, hiking, and learning.​ Travel the world with me—sign up for my newsletter!

Let's chat:

Don't be shy, say hi. ​

Send me what you're thinking about: a new project you've been dreaming of, a marketing challenge you think I could help tackle, your all time favorite book, or anything else you're excited about. I'm looking forward to chatting!



Alex Siminoff

Digital Storyteller &


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