Hi, my name is Alex.

I'm a digital storyteller & marketer that helps Climate Tech and Sustianbiltiy brands share their stories.

Alex Siminoff Headshot

Who am I?

The best marketing tells a story, and I help startups and small businesses tell theirs.

I have experience developing marketing strategies, running multi-channel marketing campaigns, increasing brand awareness, pitching the media, improving SEO results, and more.

My passion to learn has allowed me to become a do it all marketer, yet one thing remains constant, I craft stories worth sharing.

Since turning vegan in June of 2020, I've become deeply passionate about fighting climate change. I only work with companies who share my vision for a better planet.

When I'm not working, I love to travel the world, cheer on Arsenal, read books, go on hikes, and eat delicious vegan food.

Let's Chat

Don't be shy, say hi!​

Talk to me about a marketing project I could help with, your dream travel destination, a favorite book, or anything else you're excited about.

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