Through the Taylor Institute at The University of Akron, I hosted "Alex's App Review", a series where I discuss and review apps. I've covered Duolingo, Captioned, The Moron Test, and more. Watch me talk about the best apps on the App Store!

My friends at Monsters Unlimited joined me and 3 other students to taste the new Coke flavors. Despite not enjoying soda, I was in for a surprise treat. What's your favorite flavor of "Millennial" coke?

Each year, earlier and earlier the pumpkin spice craze takes over the world. But instead of a drink from Starbucks, we try strange things like pumpkin spice chips and pumpkin mints. 

Together with my good friend Michael Adams, we filmed a commercial for Tiny Circuits. I was the lead actor and choreographed the video. 

Western Europe '19

After backpacking Western Europe in the summer of 2019, I threw together a video highlighting my favorite moments in each city.

For the Marcus Graham Project, my team was tasked with creating a marketing brief for Goodyear x Cleveland Cavaliers. Part of our presentation included this video. I wrote the copy and was the voice over for the amazing video Travis put together. 

Blu Plate & Jazz

I created these ads to run on Instagram for the app Impulse. I collaberated with our designer, Marlon, who helped me with the visual elements. We launched two versions at first to test which market would perform better: Makeup or Meme. In addition, we A/B tested the header, so two versions were running concurrently. 



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Blue Plate & Jazz


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