Hi, I'm Alex! 

On a hot summer day in 1997, I was introduced to this adventure we call life. Looking back, there are two things I'm certain of: I was born curious and I love learning.

Whether it's about a new startup, history subject, or business tactic, I thrive on exploring the unknowns.

Over the years, I've learned how to share stories jam-packed with emotion and data. Two unlikely friends. Whether it was a year long marketing campaign for a local jazz bar or the launch of the new LinkedIn Groups product, I found a way to merge data and emotion. 

When I'm not being productive, you can find me playing soccer, beating friends in FIFA, or ranting about Arsenal. The three soccer pillars of life. In addition, I enjoy exploring the outdoors, trying new restaurants, reading books, wandering museums, and watching documentaries or sitcoms.




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