Hi, I'm Alex Siminoff! I'm a senior Integrated Marketing Communications & Marketing Management major, with a minor in Entrepreneurship at The University of Akron. I'll be graduating in May 2019 and am seeking a full-time position that focuses on product, growth or brand marketing. Also, marketing analytics and research.

I recently completed a Product Marketing internship with LinkedIn, where I wrote in-app copy for LinkedIn Groups that was featured within an article on TechCrunch and AdWeek. I also have extensive marketing analytics and research experience throughout my internships at various companies, especially with the startup, Impulse. 

In a nutshell, I'm a creative marketer that can tell stories through data and analytics. I have experience with product, growth, brand, and digital marketing. I enjoy marketing research, data, and analytics.


I'm a learner. Whether it's a new marketing tactic, analytics software, programming language, or something else, I'm always up for a challenge.


When I'm not being productive, you can find me playing soccer, winning on FIFA, or ranting about Arsenal F.C. I also love to go on adventures, try new things, take pictures, and wander museums.



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